Decision of Haskovo City Council

A street in the new park Kenana near Haskovo, which is yet to be built, will be named after Bulgaria’s prominent archaeologist Dr. Georgi Kitov, mayor has announced today.

This will help us remember Dr. Kitov, who has done so much for the benefit of our municipality in historical aspect, the mayor said. The proposal for naming the new street after Dr. Georgi Kitov was adopted by the City Council under Minutes № 35
Decision № 640
Pursuant to Article 21, paragraph 1, subparagraph 18 of the Local Self-Governance and Local Administration Act, City Council - Haskovo named a street located in the Kenana Park / o.t.10 - o.t.64 - o.t.66 - o.t.187 - o.t.363 - o.t.388 - o.t.599 - o.t.592 / as "Dr. Georgi Kitov Street"


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